Peter Kirn

hybrid live/DJ set

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Peter Kirn is an electronic musician, composer, and writer, active both in his own artistic practice and in helping shape understanding of creative technology and culture.

Drawing from training as a composer and musicologist, Kirn produces music across experimental and club worlds, both ambient and techno. He has released music on Detroit Underground, Snork Enterprises, Instruments of Discipline, his own Establishment, and in fall 2019 on Kotä Records, and worked with Robert Lippok (raster), Nerk (of Toktok), and others. He has collaborated with architecture and spatial sound (4DSOUND, Spatial Media Lab + Stiftung Planetarium Berlin), with modern dance, visual arts, and others, as well as appearances with established club collectives (m_division in Russia, Pornceptual in Berlin).

First in New York and now in Berlin, Kirn has developed platforms around electronic music, performance, and experimentation. His site CDM ( has been a daily hub for the latest in new music and live visual technologies for a decade and a half. With engineer James Grahame, he has co-created the award-winning, ongoing MeeBlip line of hardware synthesizers (

He is also a speaker and curator/organizer, including originating the MusicMakers Hacklab series of open performance laboratories. That has led to collaborations with CTM (Berlin), MUTEK (Tokyo, Mexico City), GAMMA (St. Petersburg), Artypical (Moscow), Lunchmeat (Prague), Nusasonic and WSK (Yogyakarta, Manila), the European Space Agency, and TED.